"A wellness professional with gifted hands and the talent to modify her protocols in concert with your needs. Selfless and generous with her time and knowledge. Undeniably the finest way to release stress and begin the healing process is to be blessed with a therapeutic massage by Pennie Rose. Thank you Pennie, so very much."

Barbara Gardner
"'Healing Hands' truly exemplifies the massages given by Pennie Rose, CMT. Her expertise and nurturing touch combined with her professionalism cannot be duplicated. I will definitely utilize her business again the next time I travel to the area."
Mel Altman Spokane, WA 
"I found that Swedish Relaxation and Hot Stone massage therapy help to treat my depression, was extremely useful, and very much contributes to my overall well-being. If my week was very stressful, I would be counting down the days until my massage with Pennie. Give it time, it works best over a period of time, and find someone you are comfortable with, as I have with Pennie. Remind yourself of its health benefits and that you are definitely worth it." 

Louise R.

"Pennie, thanks for helping with my lower back, neck and shoulder pain. I feel like a new person. I really never thought massage therapy and stretching  could do such amazing things. I'm a believer."

Al R.

"Pennie Rose is the only one I know in whom I can feel full confidence. Her work and techniques mirror and compliment the Doctor of Physical Therapy that started my shoulder and back recovery. In fact, the DPT encouraged me to continue with Pennie after the PT was completed. When I leave after a session, I feel as if all the "evils" of my injuries have been banished. And I look forward to my next session."  Tom Harding, VA

"Pennie Rose has been taking care of me for over four years. I had low back, neck and shoulders issues. She help me to get through that and sent me home with 'homework' to continue the stretching and yoga she gave me tips on. I only see her once a month, now, that we're gotten it under control I go to relax. My grandpa goes to see her weekly, after he's been at the gym. He loves his massages." He's 94 years old. ~ Meggie Smith, FXBG,VA

Pennie Rose is an amazing massage therapist. She is intuitive and able to quickly assess what path of treatment will be the most beneficial for you. After years of chronic pain due to an unsuccessful neck vertebrae fusion, I know that Pennie's clinical knowledge coupled with her ability to quickly determine your active trouble spots results in a positive outcome of less pain and greater mobility. Pennie gives people an enhanced life knowing their pain can be managed thereby affording people with a better quality of life." ~ Carlie Darlow Fredericksburg, VA

"Pennie Rose - Massage Therapy hands down the best in the biz." MM38