Geriatric Massage   We Offer a 20% Senior Discount

 In the elderly population, the need and desire to receive a specific type of massage therapy has become increasingly popular. Known as geriatric massage, massage therapists, and their associated spa facilities, are experiencing a phenomenal increase in business and health within their communities.

Geriatric massage is a specific massage technique used to treat the most common of ailments in the elderly. Most often used as a preventative form of therapy, senior adults are benefiting from improved blood circulation and maintained range of motion with the application of geriatric massage, at least, once per week.

Additionally, for those senior adults who do suffer from age related illness, such as Parkinson's disease, arthritis, diabetes and even heart disease, the use of geriatric massage is improving the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood, thereby improving these conditions naturally.

And what about the psychological impact of geriatric massage? Because many senior adults, today, live in isolation, feeling depressed and lonely, geriatric massage is providing a way for the elderly population to reach out to other individuals and engage in not only physical stimulation but also psychological and emotional support and stimulation.

So, what is geriatric massage? Quite simply, in a quiet setting, geriatric massage is practiced in a 30- 60 minute session with passive stretching of shoulders legs and feet with the massage therapist also supplying gentle massage to the hands and feet to improve mobility and reduce age related stiffness.
 Soft massaging techniques are applied to various parts of the body, primarily the back, to promote blood circulation and cardiovascular health.
When caring for a loved one who often feels isolated and lonely, may or may not suffer from age related health complications, the use of geriatric massage may be the key to unlocking a new lease on life. Using a licensed massage therapist, usually within a quiet private practice/spa  setting, your loved one will experience a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
As the baby boomer population enters the most crucial health period of their lives, it is the healthcare sector that will, most likely, suffer the greatest shortage of supply to the demand of our aging population. With services such as geriatric massage, we can care for our loved ones, as they age, and provide therapeutic benefit to not only their physical structure but also their emotional and psychological well being.

Pennie is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for seniors. 

60 minute Swedish $60  This includes the 20% Senior discount 

I don't recommend a session lasting more than 60 minutes for anyone who is not used to getting regular massage therapy.